In just two years Open House New York is quickly turning into a beloved New York tradition (50,000 people took part in the event last year). Part of the city's Architecture Week, OHNY (which runs next Saturday and Sunday) opens to any interested parties over one hundred buildings and places normally closed to the public along with tours, talks, walks, performances and more.

But Gothamist, you say, why are you talking about Open House New York now, when it doesn't start until next weekend. Glad you asked. We're reminding you about this now because of how popular the event has become. You see, some of the more interesting programs require your reservation and so some of the events, like the Waldorf-Astoria royal suites tour and the MTA Substation tour, are already full. Which is why you should go and check out the available events now so you can be prepared to better explore the city next weekend.

Bonus! Gothamist on the first and second OHNY.