2005_06_ask_openbar.jpgRecently, I went to a gathering at a bar on Long Island where my friend held her birthday. We each paid $20 to get an "open bar" bracelet (as a member of the birthday girl's party). My birthday is coming up soon, along with 3 friends' birthdays, and we were interested in doing the same thing - not on Long Island, but in a bar in NYC. Know any places that do such?
- Peter

New York Magazine just posted a list on their website of bars that have unlimited drinks specials in NYC, helpfully sorted by night of the week. All of the bars listed are in Manhattan and Brooklyn, and all have some type of open bar deal for $20 or under. Of course the hours and type of alcohol offered vary from place to place, but we think you'll be able to find something in this list that suits your needs.

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