Funny money!

People are the best: If they're not trying to pay for $1,671.55 of Wal-Mart stuffs with gift cards that had only $2.32 on them, then they're trying to pay for $1,671.55 of goods with the well-known million dollar bill - you know it, it has the Statue of Liberty on it. When Alice Pike couldn't pay with the gift cards, she asked the cashier to cash the $1 million bill. Luckily, the cashier realized it was fake and called the police. Covington, GA Police Chief Stacey Cotton said, "It looks real, but of course there's nothing real about this. People do crazy things all the time. I think it's just another example of some odd things that occur." They also found two more $1 million bills in Pike's possession.

The Daily News also helpfully points out the largest bank note that was ever in circulation was the $100,000 bill with President Woodrow Wilson's image. It's no longer in circulation, so don't go trying that one. Gothamist remembers a fairly recent (past few years) incident where some people who worked at Columbia University's copy center used the photocopiers to make counterfeit money. Or are we just our delusional selves?