David Blaine, after his 44 day Starve in a Plexiglass Box Diet, is weak, but not too weak to hold a microphone. Blaine emerged from his see-through home of the past month and a half to crowds of London spectators. Blaine lost 50 pounds during the stunt which earned him $8 million and the amused "wrath" of bored Londoners. Reuters reports "Blaine has also shown signs of delusion, dreaming of worms in his stomach and describing feelings of claustrophobia where the Perspex walls 'feel like they’re crushing my skull apart.'" Health experts think this is due to dehydration, but come on, we know that was happening before.

What will the Londoners who wanted to bother the bugger out of Blaine (WakeDavid.co.uk) do now? Gothamist on David Blaine's histrionics and how Londoners felt about him.