2006_02_sdipietro.jpgIt was an ugly end for the U.S. hockey team. They came out of the gate flat, fell behind 2-0, took some stupid penalties and then complained about a lack of free airline tickets after their 4-3 loss to Finland. While the result is disappointing, it is not surprising since the U.S. team clearly didn’t have the talent they did in 2002. Finland advances to the semifinals along with Sweden, the Czech Republic and Russia who finished off Canada 2-0.

The men’s curling team fell to Canada 11-5 in their semifinal match. The U.S. was forced to take chances in the 9th end and gave up five points to Canada. After that they conceded the match to the Canadians. They still have a chance of bringing home the first American curling medal in history if they can beat Britain on Friday.

The U.S. team ended the day without any medals, but not without more controversy. Bode Miller, the flop of the games so far, injured his ankle while playing a pickup basketball game. Team officials stated that they are sure it won’t affect his performance in Saturday’s race. Sasha Cohen created a little buzz of her own when she skipped both of her practice sessions yesterday, but she took a brief warm up this morning and appears ready for tonight’s long program.

Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images via NBCOlympics.com