USA Softball; Photo: Elaine Thompson/AP

The United States softball team won their third Olympic gold medal in a row yesterday, defeating Australia 5-1. The Australian run was the first run the US team had given up all tournament long. In their nine games to gold, they had eight shutouts and scored 51 runs, a team ERA of 0.13 and a .343 team batting average. Insane numbers for the best softball team in the world. This was the first time in the Olympics that they went undefeated to win the gold.

The win was an emotional one for the team, as their coach, Mike Candrea, lost his wife to a brain aneurysm more than a month ago. Candrea will not be getting a medal, as Olympic rules dictate. After the ceremony, Lisa Fernandez, the winning pitcher said, "I wished I could have switched places with him, because he truly deserved to be on the podium.'' Fernandez now has her third gold medal, and we at Gothamist kind of wonder if she'll make a gesture to give Candrea a medal.