Former president Bill Clinton arrived in the Hudson Valley town of Rhinebeck, NY in advance of his daughter's wedding tomorrow. Clinton was looking trim (Chelsea did ask him to lose 15 pounds!) and happily chatted with residents, tourists and media, saying, "Today is the most beautiful day ever." Aww. One Hyde Park resident said, "I shook his hand and said congratulations. It means a lot to the people of Rhinebeck that he took the time to talk to me on his big day."

In an attempt to mollify some annoyed residents who are unhappy about being left in the dark about the huge wedding operation at the Astor Court estate and ensuing security and road closures, not to mention the media frenzy, Chelsea's wedding planner sent them bottles of wine from the Clinton winery (heh) with a note saying, "Dear neighbor, this Saturday Astor Court will be the site of a very special event... There may be periodic road closures on River Road on Saturday evening," warning of possible bottlenecks." Bill Weichun, who lives on nearby River Road, said, "It’s very sweet. I don’t feel inconvenienced at all. It’s pretty fun — it’s the event of the century!"

As for why President Obama wasn't invited, maybe it's because every invitee must know Chelsea personally (that totally helps in whittling down the long list of Mom and Dad's friends!)