I have a few computers that aren't fast enough for me but are fast enough for Internet surfing, word processing, and some other things, and I'd love to donate them to somewhere that needs them. It also wouldn't hurt to get a tax write-off for it. Do you know of any such places?

While many nonprofit organizations in the New York City area accept donated computers (and other goods), not all of them will accept your old machine and some have specific requirements as to which types of computers they will and won’t accept. Certain charities will require you to deliver or ship the computer to them, as they may not have the resources to pick it up. Some small nonprofits also may not have the staff to refurbish or integrate your computer into their operations.

If you already have a favorite nonprofit, simply call them up and ask them if they will accept donations of old computers. If you’re looking for a charity to be the recipient of your donation, check out Guidestar, the national database of nonprofit organizations. You might also want to check out the website Techsoup, which lists organizations that acecpt recycled computer equipment, or Hearts and Minds, which lists charitable organizations in NYC accepting donations of used computers.

As for the tax write-off, when claiming in-kind donations (including computers) as a tax deduction it is the donor's responsibility to assign a value to the items donated. Make sure to get a receipt from the organization you’re donating to - in many instances, you should receive a thank-you letter which will serve as your receipt. You should hold on to this letter in your files for tax time. For more information, read this article from Guidestar on In-kind donations.