I work in an office as a temp and my assignment will soon be coing to an end. I work with several attractive, young single women and I’ve been flirting with them for a few months now, often playing little practical jokes on them to get their attention. Before my last day, I’d really like to go out for drinks with some of my colleagues (and possibly turn a “friend” relationship into a romantic possibility). However, I work in Chelsea and am not really feeling the bar scene around here. I’d like to go someplace that’s not full of hipsters where I can just sit down and have a cold drink and a good conversation. Got any tips on the drinking scene around here? Also, is there any way to find out if any of my co-workers are interested in me without upsetting anyone in the office? How should I go about asking people out for drinks?
- Temporary Man

Ask Gothamist appreciates a good after-work watering hole, one that’s not a “scene” but is inexpensive and relaxed. Alas, as you noticed, such places can be difficult to find in some parts of town. Luckily for you, a friend of ours recently recommended the Half King (on 23rd street and 10th avenue) as a good place for an after-work drink. We found it to be large enough to accomodate groups, with reasonably priced drinks and food, and a pleasant staff in an unpretentious atmosphere.

As far as dating your colleagues, the question of whether or not to pursue a workplace romance won’t be an issue since you’re leaving soon. So we say you’ve got the green light in this area, but it’s a good idea to move on from the juvenile pranks and into more grown-up getting-to-know-you areas. We think a group get-together for drinks is a fine idea and you should feel free to initiate a drinks outing with people from the office in honor of your departure. If one of the young ladies from the office lingers later than the rest or is giving you clear signals from her body language or in conversation, tell her you’d like to keep in touch with her and ask if you can call her. Then go ahead and ask her out.

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