After some rumors that the Reverend Al Sharpton hated Senator and presidential hopeful Barack Obama, Sharpton says they had a nice phone call yesterday. Sharpton, who just last week told Fox News he believed that Obama's campaign floated the story that he was jealous of the Senator, now says, "We had a good conversation. He said he's got a lot of respect for me and what I've done. We agreed to keep in touch." However, Sharpton won't be endorsing any Democratic candidates until next month, so we'll see how much respect remains after that. Related: The Sun-Times had an interesting story on Sharpton's "badmouthing" of Obama.

And then there's the instant classic mashup of the Apple commercial 1984 and Hillary Clinton clips that becomes a Vote for Obama message. Obama's camp denies they have anything to do with the video, but told the San Francisco Chronicle, "there is a lot of energy for Sen. Obama on the Web, in communities all over the country ... and frankly, that energy will manifest itself in a lot of ways."

Obama will be on Larry King Live tonight; Sharpton is supposed to appear separately, probably to discuss the Bell shooting indictments.