2005_12_skyline1.jpgSome of our more worldly friends are fans of the 43 Places website, which allows travellers to share travel tips and plans for future trips. We were browsing around the site, and stumbled across the NYC Page. Good news! The overwhelming consensus is that New York City is worth visiting (1807 out of 1845 responses-- and those 38 people are probably from Jersey!) Some comments:

been here SOOOOO many times, but it’s my favorite city!

I went to new york for new years last year. It is so beautiful, loud, amazing, etc…. I got to go to ground zero, time square, central park, and so many other places. It was awsome!!!!

It was a great experience. I haven’t been to any place in the States that comes close to the feeling of it. I lived in Park Slope Brooklyn and worked in Midtown. I liked the contrast of Brooklyn to go home to and the city to work in. Brooklyn is more real. A friend once described it as “the broken down brilliance of Brooklyn” and I think that’s a nice description.

The epitome of great cities.

Check out all 571 comments on our great city-- it really boosted our sense of civic pride. And what are the top 43 Places recommendations for tourist spots in New York? Pretty much what you'd expect:

* Manhattan * Central Park * Statue Of Liberty * Metropolitan Museum Of Art * Brooklyn * Ground Zero * Museum Of Modern Art * Times Square * Broadway * Greenwich Village