2006_05_4040club.gifRush & Molloy theorize how the Yankees won against the Oakland A's the other weekend - it was because Athletics' players Nick Swisher and Joe Blanton (who wasn't pitching) went to Plumm in the Meatpacking district, ordering $1,000 of vodka (which means 2 bottles) and "helped close the bar." That's a new, subversive angle for the NYC Nightlife Association to bring to community boards - "We're here to souse visiting sports teams' players!" Then again, maybe going out so much isn't that good an idea, as Rush & Molly also point out that Yankees Derek Jeter, Johnny Damon and Bubba Crosby were at 40/40 Club and all were only okay the next day. We bet George Steinbrenner will have a talking-to with them this morning!

Our experience with the 40/40 Club is limited to the episode of My Super Sweet 16 where L.A. Reid and Pebbles' kid has his party there - who doesn't want Kanye West to sing at their party?