This Sunday will welcome one of the most amazing New York City sporting events, the ING NYC Marathon. Covering the five boroughs in 26.2 miles, the NYC Marathon brings together both professional and amateurs runners on what is usually a brisk fall day. Gothamist loves the marathon because we admire the men and women for their nerve and persistence, as well as an opportunity to yell and cheer as loud as we can. The start times are as follows: 8:00AM - Early Start, Athletes With Disabilities; 9:05AM - Wheelchair Division; 9:15AM - Handcycle Category; 9:35AM - Professional Women; 9:53AM - Foot Locker Five Borough Challenge (five teachers are running to win $5,000 for their schools); 10:10AM - Open Field including Professional Men. And between Noon-5PM is Family Reunion time, along Central Park West.

Here's the city's website about the Marathon. New York magazine has a great guide to the marathon, including places to cheer. Traditionally, marathoners have said that the crowds on Fourth Avenue in Brooklyn, miles 5-7, are the most awesome - people have cookouts and hang out all day. P. Diddy isn't running the marathon this year; apparently he's limited to one huge media circus per annum.

2004_11_justrunit.jpgAnd Gothamist Weather's Kevin Porterfield is running in the marathon. He's been blogging about his marathon training at ..go KEVIN!!!

Photo at top from's Marathon site...we ran this photo last year, too, and a reader emailed us asking where we got it. He said he was the man in the burgundy top (second row from the foreground), waving to the camera! We love how the world is small.