NYC Cycling Championship; Photo: Joe Schumacher

Sunday was the NYC Cycling Championship, which was dampened by the rain, but still went on. The race is part of the Pro Cycling Tour and was on a 1.2 mile course in Lower Manhattan. The cyclists raced on the city streets for a total of 62.5 miles. Because of the rain, there were plenty of accidents.

Two American Olympians were involved in separate accidents during the race. Chris Horner fell in the first few laps when his bike hit a police barrier and Colby Pearce left the race after falling about halfway through it. The eventual winner, Greg Henderson (on New Zealand's Olympic team) also fell during the race.

The photo above is from Gothamist's own, Joe Schumacher, braved the weather for some cycling action. Joe also noted that the picture of the women's winner was actually staged on the Tour's website. Nice catch, Joe.