2006_03_sdailynewscover.jpg(Warning, the following will contain something nice about Isiah Thomas. If that will sicken you, stop reading now.)

Isiah Thomas is a better coach than a GM (there, the nice part is done) but just because he has coached the Knicks to a 29-34 record does it mean he deserves a contract extension? This is the guy who made this mess in the first place. Yes, he has gotten them to play and play hard at some points this season, but is that how low the standards are set at MSG these days?

Apparently, because the Post and Daily News are reporting that Jim Dolan will announce that Thomas will return next year and get a contract extension to boot.

To be fair, Thomas is a decent coach (ok, two nice things), but bringing him back as President is insane unless you hire a real GM. What is going to happen next year when Thomas the GM, secure with a big contract, can go back to his trading games? The Knicks may actually make the playoffs this year, but if they don’t then the Bulls get a lottery pick as a result of the Eddy Curry trade and that means a shot at Greg Oden.

But, apparently all is forgotten because Isiah is coming back and coming back for more than a year. As for the fans, they can continue to watch the highest-paid team in the game for some of the highest prices in the league. That seems like a fair value for 29-34.

UPDATE: The deal has been officially announced and you have to love this quote from Dolan: “Isiah Thomas’ stewardship of the Knicks, both as president and head coach, has clearly resulted in the team’s ‘significant improvement’ and I am very pleased to provide him with this well deserved extension. The Knicks have grown tremendously, both in terms of team performance and player development, and much of the credit goes to Isiah and his staff.”