2006_04_sknickslogo.jpgLarry Brown has vowed to use the remaining games of the season to audition players for next year. With Jalen Rose and Stephon Marbury injured, Brown put Qyntel Woods and Jamal Crawford into the starting lineup and brought Steve Francis off the bench. While the Knicks managed to shoot over 50% the defense wasn’t there again and they lost 114-95.

After the game, Brown decided to once again use the press to criticize his players. Speaking of Robinson, Brown said, “He’s the farthest thing from a point guard right now.” While Brown is correct, Robinson is a shoot first, pass second player, what good does it do to tell that to the press? Brown’s repeated criticism of his players in the media isn’t helping the team and is also feeding the perception around the league that the Knicks are a mess. 19-53 is bad enough without having to constantly hear the coach snipe at his players and vice-versa.