2007_02_arts_aptcard.jpgEveryone in this city either has a story about the noisy neighbor, or is the noisy neighbor, whether you know it or not. Ironic Sans tells the story of living above a complain-happy neighbor in Astoria, fond of leaving notes.

"One night, I came home to find the first in a series of notes slipped under my door. Small writing filled both sides of a sheet of loose leaf paper. I didn’t know what to make of it. The note began, Dear Neighbor. When you arrive late every night..."

The series of notes, greeting cards and personal encounters goes on and on and on, making for a fascinating read. In fact, an English teacher at Santa Fe High School used the "Astoria Notes" as a reading assignment in his class.

The image at right is an actual card the neighbor (who seems sort of...crazy) left. What a well thought out and executed vehicle for complaint! Hallmark should really start cornering this market.