Good morning! You might notice we're doing a little remodeling around here. The goal of the new design was to make our Gothamist content easier to read, and to make the site as a whole easier to use. The content area is now better visually defined (with borders!) and we've moved all the important site functionality to the top of the page, where it should be easier to find. Additionally, we've migrated Gothamist to the newest Movable Type software. That should make the site faster and more stable, and allow us to add new features over the next year. A big and well-earned thanks is due to Neil, who has been working on this relaunch for several months, and to our friends at Six Apart Services, who assisted him on the project.

The new design you see before you is a work in progress-- we'll be making tweaks to it over the next week, and we welcome your feedback in the comments on this post.