2006_04_snetslogo.jpgEven though the Nets had little chance of winning game two and heading home with a 2-0 lead over the Miami Heat, Gothamist would have liked a better effort than what New Jersey put forth in a 111-89 loss Wednesday. The game proved a mirror image of Monday's opener. This time, the Heat flew to a quick start (41-point first quarter) and the Nets couldn't keep up. The next two games will be played in New Jersey.

Gothamist will take the results from the Nets' trip down to Miami. Nets fans should also be relieved that Richard Jefferson, who left game one with a bruised ankle, found himself able to play 35 minutes in game two. After Miami came out flat Monday, who expected them to lose Wednesday? Gothamist didn't. Don't expect either team to take both games in New Jersey either. The Nets will probably have to win on Miami's court again if they want to advance.