2006_04_syankeeslogo.jpgNot every game was going to be as easy as Opening Night for the Yankees. Tuesday's 4-3 loss in Oaklandhelped prove that. Mike Mussina gave up two solo home runs, and the Yankees couldn't muster enough offense of Oakland's Rich Harden and the Oakland bullpen. Marco Scutaro, an ex-Met, knocked in the game winning run off Scott Proctor in the ninth.

The season is only two games old, but Gothamist has some concerns. Mussina, always prone to the home run ball, gave up two. With his increased walk totals and decreasing strikeouts, he'll need to cut that out, or not all of them will be solo shots like the ones he allowed Tuesday. Gothamist also wonders why Proctor was in a tie game in the ninth inning. Kyle Farnsworth, who got the last two outs of the eighth, did not come out for another inning. If the Yankees are going to pay him so much money, can't he get more than two outs?