2006_10_sgiantsbucks.jpgFor the third time this season, a Giant will look at the other sideline and see his brother, but unlike the last two times, these brothers will hit each other. Tiki “you are an idiot if you think I am disrupting my team” Barber and Rhonde “don’t call me Tiki” Barber will see plenty of each other on the field when Tampa Bay comes to visit New York on Sunday.

This is not the same Tampa team that started the season with four losses. They rebounded the past two weeks at home to beat the Bengals and the Eagles, the latter on a 62-yard field goal by former Giant, Matt Bryant. Despite the impressive wins, in both games the Bucs looked vulnerable to the pass and expect the Giants to take advantage of that.

Coming off the big win in Dallas, New York may come out of the gate a little flat this week. Gothamist thinks they recover in time to win it, but not by much.