My boyfriend and I just moved in together, and we are looking to buy a couch. We have already checked out Jennifer Convertibles (too frumpy and expensive), Design Within Reach (within reach my foot! Expensive!), and various other small stores in our neighborhood. While we will be going to IKEA this weekend to look at their offerings, I was thinking that there might be another alternative...2004_04_askcouch.jpg

I remember seeing a TV/Movie prop furniture store along 34th Street on the westside. If I recall correctly, they sold and rented furniture and home accessories that had been used in movies or TV shows. Are there other places that do this as well? What a fun alternative to the same IKEA couch that 10 of my have...


Is the store you're referring to Props for Today? Mostly they supply furniture for TV shows, but sometimes they "retire" furniture and put it up for sale. We're told that turnover is pretty high, so if you check in frequently, you might find something cool.

New York Magazine also has a list of cheap furniture places if you're looking for some leads. We're also told that ABC Carpet & Home is a pretty cool place to walk around in (on Broadway, near Union Square).

Two Jakes in Williamsburg was recently featured on an episode of Queer Eye; they have some neat recycled and new office furniture with a distinctly retro vibe if you like that sort of thing. Their prices are pretty good, too.

If budget is an issue, though, and you still want something unique, check out the Salvation Army (the one on 46th St. has a lot of furniture). The furniture isn't new, but sometimes you can find great deals there. Make it your own by sprucing it up yourselves by painting or making a slipcover in a funky fabric. Here's a list of thrift stores in Manhattan if you're thinking about trying that.