After ten years, my roommate has decided to give up smoking. I’m happy for her and all, but now she wants me to do the same and has outlawed smoking in our previously smoker-friendly apartment. I’m not ready to give up my nicotine-addicted ways. How can I tell her to leave me alone about this?
Smoker, Astoria

It’s bad enough the mayor wants you to smoke outside, right? You do have a legitimate complaint if your roommate is trying to push you into doing something (or not doing something, as the case may be) that you aren’t willing to do. So go ahead and tell her you’re proud that she’s opted to save her lungs and all that but that you aren’t ready to go out and buy nicotine patches just yet.

But, alas, the key to roommate happiness is compromise. If your roommate wants to turn your previously smoke-infested domicile into a smoke-free zone, you should bend on this one. If you continue to smoke, it will be a temptation for her to go back, first of all. Secondly, there’s something to be said for a clean-smelling apartment. And it can’t hurt too much to step outside to light up. Besides, spring is just around the corner (allegedly) so go embrace the warm weather and get your fix outside. Or else find a new roommate.