The mere concept of Marv Albert not calling Knicks anymore, after he and Cablevision (owner of the MSG network, Madison Square Garden, and the Knicks) have ended their relationship (due to Albert's frustration to Cablevision's complaints that Albert criticized the Knicks organization...the way sportscasters tend to do), is basically heretical to Gothamist. He's been "Yes!"-ing up New Yorkers for the past forty years! His wacky sexual pecadilloes aside, Albert has always been a thoughtful, approachable and "listenable" voice for NY sports. Even though Ian Eagle already has the job calling the Nets games for the YES Network and even though it might kill Albert, rooting for the Knicks' over-the-river rivals, surely there's room for Marv. NYC can't lose Marv.

Related: Congratulations to whatevs, as his Detroit Pistons defeated the L.A. Lakers for the NBA Championship. Gothamist has yet to send whatevs the spoils from the bet we had for the Eastern Conference finals (because we're still waiting for a new shipment of Gothamist t-shirts!), but let it be known that Gothamist's stance is that the Nets were the second best team in the league this year, given that the Nets took the Pistons to 7 games, whereas the Lakers were defeated in 5. [Scientific calculations on determining the Nets' second-bestness from JW]

Gothamist Sports on another NY sportscasting legend, Warner Wolf, being terminated by Channel 2 and on the Knicks in the offseason.