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Training camp will not open this week for the National Hockey League, for the NHL has locked out its players. The collective bargaining agreement expired at midnight and the opening of the season on October 13th may be questionable. In fact, the season may not happen at all. The NHL Players Association says it is ready to lose a season and a half. Ouch! Gothamist knows the Rangers suck, but is that really any reason to shut the league down?

It's a classic case of owners vs. union that you see in almost every sport these days. The NHL says its owners lost $223 million with 20 clubs losing money. They want to control the cost of the salaries and lower the average salary to $1.3 million down from $1.8 million. The NHL also says that 75% of their revenue goes towards player salaries. What they would like is a wage formula that is tied to revenue.

The player's union is opposed to the wage/revenue formula because they believe it will act as a de facto salary cap, limiting the salaries of its members. They have offered a 5% rollback on salaries, restrictions on rookie salaries, luxury taxes and revenue sharing.

Oy, all this gives Gothamist some kind of headache. What's really troubling is that the NHL has no timetable for starting the season and, as we stated earlier, the NHLPA is ready for a long lockout. The real losers in all this are the staff of the NHL and its teams, which are laying off staff. We're sure that list extends all the way down to venders, maintenance staff, and all other types of workers. By the way, the NHLPA would like you to know there are "No Games to Display".