2006_04_snfldraft.jpgThe annual right of passage that is the NFL Draft takes place tomorrow at noon in historic Radio City Music Hall. Fans can get a jump on the draft today at noon at the Winter Garden, or you can try and get tickets for the actual event tomorrow.

For the Jets, the draft presents a quandary. Chad Pennington has hurt his shoulder twice and Patrick Ramsey does not strike fear in the hearts of defenses. So, should they try and draft a quarterback? Matt Leinert could be there for them, or will they go for the “safe” pick in D’Brickashaw Ferguson? Whatever happens with the first pick, they have seven selections in the first four rounds to try and improve a team desperately in need of some new blood.

The Giants have alleviated their biggest offseason need, improving the back seven of their defense, via free agency so they will be able to be selective in Round 1. They may go for the son of a former Giant, Bobby Carpenter, or a running back to eventually replace Tiki Barber like DeAngelo Williams. They will also look to add depth to their offensive and defensive lines as well as picking up a wide receiver.

In keeping with our tradition of liveblogging, Gothamist will risk divorce and bring you the entire first round live, so come and join the fun at noon tomorrow.