It's the second day of Yankee premature-post-season depression, and the local press is taking note. The Yankees went to the Bronx to clear out their lockers while Joe Torre and George Steinbrenner claimed they'd get back to work. Get back to work throwing money at players! There are legions of stunned Yankees fans in the city and all over the country; NY1 headed to Boston Market on 23rd Street and heard from one fan who said, "Kevin Brown, if you see this, get out of town, man, just get out of town, Brown," and another added, "They shamed the Bronx. They brought shame and disgrace to the Bronx."

NYC will lose about $40 million due to the loss of economy of not having the World Series. And Mets fans are a bit gleeful. And the folks at Mickey Mantle's restaurant have - gasp - temporarily renamed their establishment "Ted Williams'". No joke - we saw it on Fox 5. A pyschologist tells the Post that Yankees fans should not wallow in sadness but rather go outdoors, go to the gym, have a cup of tea to relax; the shrink is from L.A., so Gothamist has our own suggestions for Yankees fans: Support the St. Louis Cardinals, though wearing red could be confusing (Red Sox and Cardinals seem different, but we don't know their Pantone colors). Rent The Pride of the Yankees, which shows it's not just about winning - it's about surviving. Pray Steinbrenner and Cashman make some good moves and not just add more $$$ to payroll. Think football, with the Jets and Giants doing well so far.

Game 1 of the World Series is Saturday night.