Dueling Series Bear - he duels with himself; Photo - MLB.com

Mayor Bloomberg and Miami Mayor Manuel Diaz have put their stomachs as well as sports prides on the line. Mayor Bloomberg's office released this press release about their friendly wager:

Mayor Bloomberg says, "My confidence in the Bronx Bombers is so high, I am tempted to wager the Brooklyn Bridge. Since Miami is really New York’s farthest suburb, I thought all those transplanted New Yorkers might be tempted by a taste of home. For the citizens of Miami to yearn for, but never ever to have, I wager:
- Cheese cake from the world famous Junior's of Brooklyn
- Pastrami Sandwiches from the 2nd Avenue Deli
- Peking Duck from Peking House in Flushing
- Lobsters from Filippo’s on Richmond Road in Staten Island
- Roast Pork from El Molino Rojo II on 161st Street in the Bronx

Bloomberg continues, "Since I am so full from that Lobster Bake that Mayor Menino of Boston so generously give us, I’m glad we will have a few days to recover before we get to indulge in the delicacies that Mayor Diaz has so graciously offered."

Mayor Diaz writes to Mayor Bloomberg, "Now that the curses of the Bambino and the goat have worked their magic again, it is time for the Big Apple and the Magic City to settle the score. Miami, the most diverse large City in the country, represents the new face of America. It is now time that the Big Apple step aside and make way for the Magic City!"

- Our famous Stone Crabs and Key Lime Pie from Monty's in Coconut Grove
- Traditional Cuban Sandwiches from Versailles in Little Havana
- Durie Cole Avec Poix Rouge with Poulet Creole (Haiti's signature dish)
- Churrasco Steaks from our renowned Nicaraguan Restaurant Los Ranchos
- An assortment of rums and spirits from Bacardi. To also be included are the traditional mojito and piña colada mixers
- Other tropical rums, including Mount Gay Rum from Barbados, Bar Ban Court from Haiti and Appleton Estate from Jamaica
- Corona beer from Mexico, Presidente Beer from the Dominican Republic and Polar Beer from Venezuela
- Cuban coffee made by Café Bustelo and Pilon
- Tropical soft drinks Cawy and Jupiña
- A traditional Guayabera shirt

Jesus. Gothamist is drunk just from linking to all those rums and beers.

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