New York was bumped from number 3 to number 4, in UBS' poll of the most expensive cities in the world. Oslo is the new number 1, replacing Tokyo which is now 2; Hong Kong is number 3. But don't worry, that still means New York is the most expensive city in North America or Western Hemisphere. Some interesting Oslo facts from the Daily News:

Monolith at Vigeland Park, Oslo- Bus ride: $2.64 when buying tickets in advance
- Bus ride: $3.97 at last minute
- Gasoline: $4.89/gallon
- No-frills hamburger: $5.95.
- Pint of domestic beer: $6.88
- Salary: $40,986
- Minimum wage (Norway): $8.59

Visit Oslo and spend some of your hard-earned American money in kroners. The Vigeland Park, full of sculptures by Gustav Vigeland, looks awesome.