2006_02_newshea.jpgSome new clues about the influences for the design of the new Shea Stadium - and it's all about the past. According to documents, the stadium's "red-brick facade" will recall "historic Ebbets Field and Hell's Gate Bridge." Well, you mention "Ebbets Fields" and everyone's on board! The refernce to ballparks of yore is very much in the tradition of Camden Yards and other new parks made to look more "old-timey." The Hell Gate Bridge mention, though, is cool - there's a great Scientific American article from 1907 that called it the "largest arch bridge in the world." We just hope there's adequate room for Mr. Met.

Here's Ballparks.com on the new stadium, which the Mets hope to start this summer to have ready by the 2009 season. The current Shea Stadium will be a parking lot. And it may not be a subway series, but it's a race between the two hometown teams to wow the public with their new ballparks.