Stephen Marbury watches LeBron James go; Photo: AP

It's two games into the Stephon Marbury–as–a–Knick era, and though it might be premature to say, it's looking bleak. Eight points his first game, six points last night (though he did get 10 assists). Even though everyone is talking about how a team can't click immediately, Marbury said, "I would never think that it would happen this bad."

information leafblower has a good look at the Knicks–Suns trade, in which the Knicks gave up two first round draft picks. And last night's 111-79 loss to the Houston Rockets seems to spell doom for Coach Don Chaney, with the NY crowds chanting, "Fire Chaney!" Especially sad is that former Knicks coach, now the Houston Rockets coach, Jeff Van Gundy, was warmly received.

Additional from the game: Funny how this photograph makes Houston Rockets assistant coach and former Knick Patrick Ewing look little next to Yao Ming (yes, we know, he's slouching, but still). Also, Kim Cattrall, Beyonce, and Jay–Z were sitting together.

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