It's the FedEx Package shuffle!

Reader Joshua Yates sent us some photographs and this downtown Manhattan query:

For the past week I've have noticed everyday around 2:30 the impromptu gathering of FedEx trucks across the street. The drivers of these anywhere from seven to ten FedEx delivery trucks quickly jump out and start unloading all their packages, right in the middle of the street. Once their trucks are substantially emptied they begin resorting and repacking their trucks. What is up with this? Is this a legitimate and approved practice of FedEx? Is this a product of employees taking up the reigns of an inefficient sorting system? This has to be breaking some sort of legal statute about the handling of parcels. Can anyone shed some light on this for me?


In this age of tracking numbers, we're sure the packages made their way to their destinations. but it's still very strange. Plus, they're double parked and we think they're blocking a bike lane. We called FedEx to ask them, but they didn't know either! Maybe another reader out there does?