2005_03_sbrianbeno-1.jpgThe Vince Carter trade was supposed to continue the reversal of fortunes for the area's two clubs: The Nets would climb back into the playoffs, while the Knicks would fade due to Isiah's over-tinkering. Well...not so fast.

The Nets (now 26-35) were painfully reminded of the offense-challenged 2003 Finals last night by the Spurs. NJ only managed 28 points in the first half, and ended up losing 90-74. Vince Carter shot only 4-for-18 and added 6 turnovers in one of his worst nights as a Net...but at least he didn't get thrown out again fighting Bruce Bowen. Jason Kidd also looked lethargic (14 points), which isn't the best way to start a 4-game road trip. After a gimme in New Orleans tonight, the Nets face Shaq and the Miami Heat on Saturday.

As for the Knickerbockers, they chalked up a quality 93-83 win last night against the playoff-bound Washington Wizards. Jamal Crawford led the Knicks with 19 points and a super sweet pass to himself for a dunk off of the backboard that will be playing on SportsCenter for the next, oh, month or so. The Knicks (26-34) have now won seven in a row at MSG and five of their last six. They now have another oddly lengthy break in their schedule, and don't play again until Sunday.

Photo via AP - Bob Owen