2005_06_shorrysi.jpgHoly cow. Last night's NBA Finals contest was about as tight and as exciting as a sporting event can be. The game was tied at halftime, tied at the end of regulation, and won at the end by one point on a 3-pointer. It was jaw-droppingly intense. And somehow, San Antonio scraped out a 96-95 OT win to go home with a 3-2 lead.

For Detroit, Chauncey Billups just wrecked the Spurs defenders with 34 points, most coming inside of 6 feet due to great cuts and Billups' muscle on the much smaller Tony Parker. As expected, the Spurs' Tim Duncan bounced back from two bad games and finished with 26 points and 19 rebounds. That said, Duncan also caught a serious case of the free throw yips in the fourth quarter and would have cost his team the game if not for..."Big Shot Bob".

Robert Horry is known as "Big Shot" for his appearances on 5 NBA title squads (Houston, LA) and his penchant for not playing hard until the late rounds of the playoffs each year. Last night, Horry scored his first points of the game with :01 to go in the 3rd quarter. By the game's end, he had 21 points on 5 for 6 3-point shooting, and had pretty much beaten the Pistons by himself over the final period and overtime. In addition to raining 3's, Horry had a monster, monster dunk in overtime that looked far more Jordan than 34-year old bench player. Catch the Game 5 highlights here.

Game 6 of the Finals is tomorrow night at 9pm Eastern (ABC) from San Antonio.

Image via AP (Jeff Roberson)