2005_06_shorry.jpgWhile examining your weekend options, it's worth a mention that Game 2 of the NBA Finals is Sunday night at 9pm. If you haven't been to your local sports bar lately, it's a great excuse to pound some beer and wings with your buddies on a school night.

The Spurs and Pistons kicked off The Finals last night, but the ratings for these supposedly "boring" teams were so low that a rerun of CSI actually drew more viewers. This is a shame, as the NY Times notes that both squads play great team basketball that flies in the face of SportsCenter highlights and actually resembles NCAA hoops.

San Antonio won last night 84-69 (it even looks like a college score) largely due to the heroics of last summer's gold medal winner Manu Ginobili. The Argentinian has a wild and "herky jerk" style of play that's a blast to watch, mostly because he usually looks like the Tasmanian devil. Hair flies, limbs are contorted, and people smack him in the face...it's great! San Antonio also has perennial title winner Robert Horry (pictured), a guy whose uncanny timing for huge game-changing shots is almost as interesting as the fact that he looks like Will Smith's twin brother. This got especially complex last night...when Will Smith was actually the pregame entertainment.

So, in sum - NBA hoops are more fun to watch than you think! Join Gothamist at our corner pub this weekend, and you'll see.

Image via NBA.com