Dwight Howard; Photo- Rueters

Well, we didn't get alot right, but at least we called Sebastian Telfair to the Blazers at 13. Gothamist spent the last week looking up florists in Portland, Orgeon so we could send Blazers GM John Nash a big bouquet of flowers. Because Telfair went early, high school stud Al Jefferson fell to Boston at 15, providing the Celtics with the bruising PF they so desperately needed.

Unfortunately, draft night didn't become the trading bonanza everyone Gothamist predicted, but it was enough to keep us interested. The two biggest surprises of the night were Toronto taking big man Rafael Araujo very early at #8 and NCAA Player of the Year Jameer Nelson being forced to wait as 8 high school kids were drafted in front of him. The Nuggets finally took him at 20 and traded him to the Magic.

As far as the rest of the draft goes...

CHICAGO - Selected Ben Gordon at #3 and had Luol Deng, the player the originally wanted there, fall into their laps at #7. Also picked up Duke PG Chris Duhon in the second round.
DALLAS - Picked PG Devin Harris at #5 which let them say goodbye to Steve Nash in free agency.
CLEVELAND - Picked up sharp shooter Luke Jackson at #10. He's going to flourish beside LeBron James.
BOSTON - Go ahead, call me a homer, but they got the PF they needed and then took Nelson's backcourt running mate Delonte West and Big 12 Player of the Year Tony Allen. That's three solid picks.

TORONTO - Taking Araujo at 8 was way too early. They could ave traded down and got him later in the round.
PORTLAND - Not just for taking Telfair at 13, they also took Russian teammates Viktor Khryapa and Sergey Monya late in the first round. Those two fought for playing time on the same team in Russia and reportedly do not like each other.
PHOENIX - They thought Andre Iguodala would be gone by #7 but he fell to Philly at #9.
MIAMI - Passed on Jameer Nelson at 19 to take unproven Dorell Wright. What is Riles thinking?

Orlando could have gone on that list if it wasn't for the Nelson trade. Gothamist thinks Dwight Howard is the second coming of Danny Manning, not Tim Duncan.

The local teams did not pick in the first round but both picked up players with big upsides in the second round. New Jersey took former Florida Gator Christian Drejer, who could be a very good swingman down the road. Isiah Thomas drafted UCLA underclassman Trevor Ariza, a player that has shown flashes of brilliance, but needs time to work on his consistency. Many scouts pegged him as a lottery pick a few years down the road.