What IS the correct description for that part of New York City waterways that is south of the Battery Park, north of the Statue of Liberty, east of New Jersey, and west of Brooklyn that contains Governor’s Island? Upper New York Harbor? Tidal Basin? What do you call that water?


2004_06_ask_govisland.jpgFortunately, Ask Gothamist has a copy of the book At Sea In The City: New York From the Water’s Edge in our library. According to the map at the beginning of Chapter 5, the section of water in between Governor’s Island and Brooklyn is called Buttermilk Channel. And according to the map in Brooklyn! A Soup-to-Nuts Guide to Sights, Neighborhoods, and Restaurants, the water to the south of Governor’s Island is known as Upper New York Bay, while the water to the northwest of Governor’s Island is referred to as New York Harbor.

Did you know that the Coast Guard vacated Governor’s Island in 1998? It is now a historic distric with forts and early 19th-century military housing. As of June 21st, tours of the island are being offered Tuesdays through Fridays. So check out this historic island, which has been off-limits to the public for most of its history.