2005_11_arod.jpgNo Championship? No problem! Yankees fans can say they have the MVP on their team. Alex Rodriguez won the American League Most Valuable Player award yesterday over David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox yesterday in a vote that not only pitted a the Yankees against the Red Sox, but a position player against a full time designated hitter. Rodriguez received 331 total points to Ortiz's 307. The two players received 16 and 11 1st place votes respectively with Vladimir Guerrero picking up the final one.

So who deserved the award more? A-Rod with his all-around play in the field and on offense or Big Papi and his clutch hitting? Some fans in New York don't think he deserves it and for his part, A-Rod thinks that award or not, he needs to win several World Series rings. "We can win three World Series. With me, it's never going to be over. My benchmark is so high that no matter what I do, it's never going to be enough. But I understand that."

Three other Yankees - Gary Sheffield, Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter - finished 8-10 in the voting.

In other A-Rod news, the newly minted MVP said he won't be playing in New York's poker parlors anymore.