Dear Ask Gothamist:

I'm moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn and I need to find out what cable providers are in my new neighborhood--I want to get cable internet and TV. I'm not having any luck with Google (I just get lots of ads), Comcast and Roadrunner both say they're not available in my area, and the previous tenants somehow survived without a cable connection.

Do you know where I could find this out?


Without knowing your neighborhood, it's hard to say for sure.

The first step might be to call or check out 1-800-OK-CABLE, which is a consortium of the cable providers in the tri-state area. Searching there via your address or phone number should tell you which among the major cable companies supplies the sweet juice to your neighborhood.

Also, have you checked with Cablevision? They're the other major provider you didn't mention (Road Runner is a subsidiary of Time Warner).

We find it unlikely that any part of New York city is being neglected by one of the major cable companies, but keep in mind that sattelite dishes and DSL might be alternate ways of keeping yourself plugged in.

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