yankeestadium.jpgThe Yankees' season ended last week, but the team is still a hotbed of activity. A group of executives for the Bombers will be meeting in Tampa, FL early next week to come to a decision regarding the fate of Joe Torre, the team's manager. George Steinbrenner, who made a name for himself as an eager firer of managers before taking an involuntary break from baseball, declared that he'd like to fire Torre after last year's loss to the Detroit Tigers and this year's loss to the Cleveland Indians. No follow-through on the owner's win-or-else ultimatum, however, indicates that momentum might be turning in favor of Torre staying.

Torre might outlast the boss himself. Another item to be finalized at Tuesday's management meeting is George Steinbrenner's elevation to a seat in the company with less active control of the organization. His sons Hal and Hank are poised to take over the regular responsibilities of ownership, with one concentrating on the clubhouse and the other on the new Yankee Stadium currently under construction.

Alex Rodriguez will be in southern California in the next week or two, staying at the guest house of his agent Scott Boras. According to the Daily News, Boras and A-Rod will be hashing out whether the possible American League MVP will stick with the Yankees or see if the cash is greener on the side of another fence. Rodriguez still has three years left on his nearly quarter-billion-dollar contract with the Yankees, but there's a clause that will allow him to opt out if he wants. Boras will spend a week with his client, attempting to explain his true market value as a player at this time. The Yank's third baseman will have to make his decision to stay or go within ten days of the conclusion of the World Series.

(NYC - Bronx: Yankee Stadium, by wallyg at flickr)