2006_01_msg.jpgAfter Anucha Browne Sanders' lawsuit against Isiah Thomas and MSG came about last week, Courtney Prince, a former Ranger City Skater has stepped forward to tell her tale. Prince's lawsuit against the The Garden, filed in October 2004, claimed that she was sexually harassed and then fired after alerting others about her treatment.

Prince told the Daily News that Garden execs: made arrangements for skaters to have drinks with people as part of their job and asked "Who's loose?", "Which is the wild one?", ignored complaints about a pro golfer rubbing himself against her, and told skaters to stuff their bras and loose weight. She has compared the atmosphere in The Garden to a frat house. She also claimed that a Garden executive and a New York Times reporter propositioned her for a threesome.

For their part, a Garden spokesperson told the News that the court has dismissed all claims of harassment that Prince brought to court.