Mr. Met; Photo: Marc S. Levine/NY Mets

Gothamist is a big fan of the New York Mets' mascot, Mr. Met. And why wouldn't we be? He's been with the franchise since the beginning, he's got a huge baseball for a head, and has some mighty snazzy costumes. Mr. Met's bio (which needs to be updated) says he's 6'10" tall, the same hight as Randy Johnson of the Yankees. It's been rumored that Mr. Met is on steroids, but Gothamist is going to have to see some tests on that. If anything, it's got to be human growth hormone or too much nerve tonic.

When he's not with the Mets, Mr. Met does appearances and has moonlighted in more than a few commericals. There were Sportscenter ads, including one with Ms. Met and a little baby Met and more recently a MLB 2006 advertisement. In the ad, Mr. Met is at the cleaners, waiting patiently in his normal clothes and without hat. Finally, the cleaner finds his clothes - his Mets uniform and gigantic hat. Has anyone else seen this awesome ad and can you give us a copy?

And in case it isn't obvious, some of us at Gothamist really like Mr. Met. Also, who would win the Anna Benson/Mr. Met matchup?

Photo by Marc S. Levine/NY Mets