Derek Jeter collects his things from the clubhouse; Photo - AP

Derek Jeter is so sad over losing to the Marlins, Gothamist started to think about some movies various members of the Yankees organization should watch in the off season.

Derek Jeter: A League of Their Own and Rushmore. There's no crying in baseball! And when you find something you love, you keep doing it.
Roger Clemens: The Rookie.
Hideki Matsui: Mr. Baseball. Tom Selleck playing baseball in Japan - it's the Lost in Translation of sports!
Bernie Williams: 8 Mile. Bernie plays and sings. Eminem sings and acts. But in both cases, don't give up the day job.
Aaron Boone: Ed. Yes, the Matt LeBlanc and a monkey movie.
Jorge Posada: The Little Rascals. Just 'cause Alfafa's ears are like Jorge's.
David Wells: Raging Bull.
Joe Torre: 9 to 5 and Dr. Strangelove. When you've got a crazy boss...
Don Zimmer: Patton. Ornery and pith helmets!
The rest of the coaches: Office Space. Again, maybe it's okay not to work at a bad workplace.
George Steinbrenner: The Bad News Bears and Major League. Scrappy is not always bad.

[With help from KB - thank you.]