Jen has already posted her Top Stories for 2007-- but here's the list according to you, the readers:

By Comments*

1. Pet Food Recall After Cat and Dog Deaths, by Jen Chung (614)
2. Rev. John Carmichael, Church of Scientology, by Jen Carlson (312)
3. Wild Wednesday Weather, by Jen Chung (255)
4. Maple Syrup Was Better: Smell of Gas Covers NYC by Jen Chung (191)
5. Aqua Teen Hunger Force Mooninites Don't Scare NYC by Jen Chung (155)
6. The Splasher Speaks by Jake Dobkin (152)
7. Anna Nicole Smith, 1967-2007 by Jen Carlson (142)
8. Park Slope May Be Over and Out For Some by Jen Chung (129)
9. Kensington Post Office - the Worst Post Office in NYC?, by Jen Chung (108)
10. Questions About Gun Laws Surround VT Shooting, by Jen Chung (108)

By Recommends*

1. Marcel Vigneron, Top Chef?, by Hugh Merwin (58)
2. Bowling Comes Back to Brooklyn with The Gutter, by Jen Carlson (54)
3. Exhibits A-C: Brooklyn Law Student Bares All, by Jake Dobkin (52)
4. It's My Party, and I'll Make My Friends Cry Over Splitting the Bill If I Want To, by Jen Chung (45)
5. Adam Horovitz, Musician, by John Del Signore (44)
6. Video of the Day: Yankee Stadium Proposal Prank, by Tien Mao (44)
7. Dude, Where's My Bike? by Kelly Loudenberg (42)
8. Lux Nightmare, Features Editor, Sexerati, by Rachel Kramer Bussel (41)
9. Details About The Daring Subway Track Rescue, by Jen Chung (39)
10. Colleen Kane, Writer and Former Senior Editor of Playgirl Magazine, by Ben Kharakh (38)

* omitting repeats from both lists, and contest and Gothamist-related posts

For those of you playing along at home, the readers choice awards for best posts goes to Jen Chung (9 stories), Jen Carlson (3 stories), Jake Dobkin (2 stories), and Hugh Merwin, John Del Signore, Tien Mao, Kelly Loudenberg, Rachel Kramer Bussel, and Ben Kharakh with one story each.

Thanks for a great year!

Top photograph by TomVu on Flickr