Well, there isn't much new to report on the snow situation. Seems we're in the middle of a classic Nor-Easter.

In case you've missed it, are out of the city, away from a window or have some other excuse: It is still snowing. It is expected to continue to snow till at least 2 pm. You should go out and play in it. Good places to sled are here.

But go out and get your kicks now before it gets all messed up by the cars, dogs and bratty kids. Speaking of, the young 'uns seem to be waking up, as the blizzard nyc flickr stream is growing quickly (870900 1256 photos and counting!).

And on the topic of photos, we're hearing reports of some serious cross-country skiing going on in lower Manhattan, anyone got any photos? Last time we remember seeing serious cross-country skiing in Manhattan was the during our favorite blizzard, the Blizzard of '96.

Photograph of the Brooklyn Bridge by Sheen & Greg, via G'ist Contribute