Erick DampierFurther proof that it is the Warriors, and not the Clippers, that are the NBA's most hapless franchise. Golden State has agreed in principle to deal prized free agent center Erick Dampier to the Knicks for back ups Nazr Mohammed and Othella Harrington.

However, the deal is not complete yet. Dampier must agree to a sign and trade deal to make it to the Big Apple, but first he is meeting with the Atlanta Hawks to discuss playing below the Mason Dixon line. Since the Hawks are under the salary cap, they can offer Dampier more money up front, but a deal with the Knicks would give him an extra year on his contract. Knicks brass hope to get Dampier to New York for a meeting tomorrow.

"Erick wants to win a championship and the Knicks are definitely in the mix," said Ed Jones, Dampier's business manager. If he wants to win a championship, then why is he talking to the Hawks?

The Pacers also made a play for Dampier but their package of Austin Croshere and Scott Pollard was rejected. The Warriors wanted Jonathan Bender included in the deal but Indiana refused.

The Warriors had hoped to include shooting guard Nick Van Exel in the deal, but the Isiah still has his eye on Chicago's Jamal Crawford.