2006_04_sknickslogo.jpgIf Cablevision is smart, they will start production on the 2005-06 Knicks movie immediately. This season has all the makings of a Hollywood blockbuster. Anger, betrayal, jealousy, sabotage, do you think Jerry Bruckheimer is interested?

The latest twists in this miserable season came during and after the Knicks dropped a 91-87 loss. First, Stephon Marbury decided to once again proclaim himself ‘Starbury’ while lashing out at his coach. "I don't care what [Brown] wants to hear," Marbury said at one juncture. "I'm telling you what I'm going to do…. I played like Stephon Marbury this year. Next year, I'm going to play like 'Starbury.' "

Meanwhile, Larry Brown was on his way to the hospital with an upset stomach. Brown was held overnight for observation and while Gothamist hopes he has a speedy recovery, we are struck by the irony of his ailment.

Unfortunately, there is nothing funny about the overall state of the Knicks. Marbury and Francis are unhappy and want out. The team is going to be over the salary cap for the rest of the decade and won’t even have its own draft picks the next two years. They do have some assets in the form of expiring contracts, but if history is any guide, Isiah will simply exchange those for more overpaid veterans. On second thought, forget the movie, Gothamist hates tragedies.