Plans for a new stadium for New York's two local baseball teams was approved by the Empire State Development Corporation's board yesterday. The two stadiums, with a combined stadium only cost of over $1.2 billion. Along with the preliminary approval, the board released some additional details on the two stadiums.

The new stadium for the Mets, which will cost $444.4 million (that's a lot of fours for being so close to Chinatown) for the stadium alone and will total about $600 million. The stadium will bring the fans closer to the field than they currently are at Shea, have seven levels with 42,500 seats (Shea has 55,601) and 50-60 luxury boxes. The new Yankee Stadium will cost $1.2 billion total with the stadium running about $800 million. Monument Park will be moved and recreated in the 53,000 seat stadium (57,545 in The House That Ruth Built). The new stadium will have 60 luxury boxes.

Next for the two proposed stadiums is a period of public comment and final approval by the committee and then the Public Authorities Control Board.