A follow up to a question from last week about cheating on the internet:

MSNBC/Elle Magazine recently did a survey about women using the internet, with particular attention to their habits in terms of online dating. It's probably not a surprise that the number of people who are checking out internet personals has increased exponentially in recent years.

We're not sure if this is a surprise, either, but according to the survey, men and women have slightly different perceptions about flirting and cheating with people they've met on the internet:

But not everyone is basking in the digital afterglow -- 24 percent of women worry that their partner's online encounter will turn into an affair. And they should be worried since 29 percent of guys admit they go online intending to cheat. Meanwhile, 10 percent of women and 19 percent of men say they are single or available when they aren't.

Furthermore, "32 percent of women and 13 percent of men consider their partner's online habits to be cheating."

A number of you responded to the original post that you had, in fact, caught your SO cheating on the internet. This doesn't mean that you should be paranoid, though. Ask Gothamist recommends keeping the lines of communication open with your partner. Well, unless you're the cheater. (Kidding!)

We think it's interesting how the internet is shaping the way relationships work. Above all else, people are finding soulmates on the internet, and online personals don't have the same stigma they once did, creating a new myriad of unique dating problems.