scissors.jpgI have been to so many different hair salons. If I do find someone great to cut my hair, I have the hardest time getting second appointment. I need a reliable person to cut my hair who is affordable and does a good job. I currently have a horrible hair cut that needs major repairs. Please let me know someone good to go to in the upper east, west or midtown areas.

Ask Gothamist has already tackled the question of where to go if you’re a guy in search of a cheap haircut in the city, but what about the ladies? After we asked around, support is pretty unanimous for Dramatics NYC. A basic shampoo/haircut will cost about $20, and there are a number of locations around the city, so it should be pretty easy to get an appointment. (Price list and locations are at their website.)

As for getting the second appointment, it might be helpful to get to know your hairdresser if you get a particularly good haircut. Ask for a business card, and be sure you know the hairdresser’s name, so that when you call back, you can insist on an appointment with that person.

One last addition. A Friend of Gothamist also recommended Cione: Rockefeller Center; 51st and 6th. Good haircuts for around $35. Call 212-664-0466.

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